Children and Teenagers

If your child is having some difficulties in life that are emotional or behavioural in nature, you’ll be pleased to learn that Clinical Hypnotherapy can be very effective indeed.

Children generally find that hypnosis is easy, very natural and enjoyable. I use a wide range of tried and tested techniques that are solution focused, stimulate the imagination and help to overcome problems creatively.

The problems that can be helped include: anxiety; bedwetting (enuresis); behavioural problems; coping with bullying; fears and phobias; lack of concentration; IBS; lack of confidence; low self-esteem; nail biting; panic; sleeping difficulties; test and exam nerves; trichotillomania (hair pulling) and unwanted habits

Children respond fantastically well to hypnotherapy because they have such a vivid imagination and love stories. Children experience a light hypnotic relaxed state several times a day quite naturally. Maybe when they are just waking up or falling asleep, or maybe when they have become deeply absorbed in play or just daydreaming. It is during this deeply relaxed state that our subconscious mind is open and receptive to positive suggestion and problems can be overcome with creative solutions. Imagination is the gateway between the conscious and subconscious mind, this is why hypnotherapy can make such positive change for children. It utilises their natural ability to daydream.

Can I attend the session with my child? Absolutely, It puts your mind at ease to see that the process is positive, safe, enjoyable and appropriate. The focus is on the child, although you can give valuable input especially when I ask what positive qualities your child already has to overcome their problem.

What happens in the session? The first part of the session is a chat, gain a rapport and find out how your child would prefer to behave, feel and think.We focus on the solution instead of dwelling on the problem.

The second part is the hypnotherapy bit, the part that is similar to day dreaming. I use a relaxation technique appropriate for them. My approach will depend on the age of the child and personality; their likes and interests. Guided imagery that is suitable to them is used to overcome their issue and visualise success.They may keep their eyes open or have their eyes closed, whatever they prefer is fine by me. Positive suggestions are always given regarding confidence and self-esteem.

I record this part of the session or do a recording afterwards and give you a cd or mp3 so that the therapy can be reinforced at home.

Please feel free to give me a call on 01257 483463 or 07754 180049 for a chat to discuss any issues you would like about your child or teenager in strict confidence.