Weight Control and Virtual Gastric Banding

7029595 Dieting concept with fork and meterYou may well be reading this page because you have been on several diets in the past, each time after losing weight returning to the same old habits and responding to the same triggers only to put on even more painful pounds.

Weight loss is more than a dietary issue, which is why Hypnotherapy is so useful. Hypnotherapy works by re-programming the subconscious mind, replacing old outdated and unwanted habits with new behaviour and thought patterns so that you can alter your relationship with food and approach food in a healthy manner.

Once the emotional element of eating is addressed a dramatic change in your eating can follow.

I have undergone additional training to become a Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Specialist and use a blend of Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Mindfulness techniques tailored to your individual need.

Over a period of  (usually) 4 sessions you retrain your mind to:

  • enjoy food that is good for you
  • enjoy smaller portions
  • eat slowly and mindfully
  • overcome cravings
  • increase motivation
  • gain relaxation
  • boost confidence.

Some clients occasionally need may require more, this doesn’t necessarily depend on the amount of weight that needs to be shed rather the emotion issues which need to be addressed.

Virtual Gastric Banding

Has been highlighted in the press and on TV quite a lot because of the successes at helping obese clients lose weight naturally. It is designed for people who have a body mass index of thirty or over. This is a powerful technique that convinces you on a subconscious level that you have had a gastric band fitted. The band restricts the volume of food that the stomach can hold resulting in a decrease of appetite and food consumption.

It is essential that the  emotional issues that are responsible for, or that contribute to emotional or habitual eating are addressed.

Obviously, there are no side effects, no complications or pain because it is a hypnotic process with no physical intervention.

Each session is recorded to CD for you to reinforce the therapy.

Cost – £60 per session. The initial free consultation is up to 1 hour, the follow up sessions are about 90 minutes

If you decide to choose a Virtual Gastric Band, it’s the same price, I charge per session regardless of the therapy used.

I’m happy to explain more and chat over the phone on 01257 483463 or if you’d prefer complete the contact form arrange a free initial consultation.

Confidentiality is assured.